A Look Back At 2021

We begin our rewind on January 4th 2021, when Johnson announced a third national lockdown – something that everyone had seen coming over the last weeks of 2020 with both the covid infection and death rates soaring. A stunning way to start off the new year. Perhaps I am remiss in saying that everyone saw the lockdown coming, as it seemed like the entirety of the government was in the dark, with Johnson announcing on the 3rd of January that children should be sent to school as usual on the follow

Misogyny As A Hate Crime: Two Steps Forward And One Step Back?

Following a slew of violent crimes against wom*n this year, our government is now considering making misogyny something that the police would record as a hate crime. While this does point towards positive change, the pitfalls in our justice system mean it will almost certainly serve as a frustrating reminder of how far we still have to go. Poppy Read-Pitt gives her evaluation. Misogyny possibly becoming a hate crime is certainly welcome and it’s something that has been sort after for years by m

The Paradoxical Progressiveness Of The New 'Gossip Girl' Reboot

It should have been no surprise to anyone that the new Gossip Girl reboot would have a focus on updating its social politics. Its predecessor debuted in 2007 to a very different social and political culture. The original had many close-to-the-edge and ethically questionable storylines, the cast was also almost exclusively white and the relationships nearly always heterosexual. The show’s ‘woke’ rebranding seems to be one of its major selling points, with writer and executive producer Josh Safra

Supporting Statement

A newcomer to student journalism, my time writing for student publications has spanned less than a year long. However, in that time I have attempted to turn my hand to as many types of journalism as I’ve been able to find. Typically, I write feature style pieces for online magazine publications such as Impact, Her Campus Nottingham and The Tab, but I have also written about subjects such as entertainment or style analysis. In addition to this, I have also been a part of an investigation piece for Impact Magazine’s print addition into women’s safety in Nottingham and am partaking in a second, ongoing investigation for Impact on the topic of stalking. For both of these investigations I took on the role of interviewing local politicians, following having interviewed a student who witnessed an alleged police misconduct. I attempted to write an investigative piece on my own on the topic of Nottingham bouncers physically assaulting women at clubs and bars, but the sensitive nature of the subject matter meant that it became increasingly difficult to complete singularly and thus I had to unfortunately abandon the project. The topics that I tend to focus on are matters that generally relate to politics, sexism, fashion and pop culture. 

Looking forward, I hope to achieve an editor or co-editor position at Impact magazine and to get more involved in telling a story through journalism using visual imagery, for example broadcast and television journalism.